Command me to come to you over the water. †

A reading from theq holy gospel according to Matthew 14:22-33 Jesus made his disciples get into a boat and start back across the lake. But he stayed until he had sent the crowds away.
Then he went up on a mountain where he could be alone and pray. Later that evening, he was still there.
By this time the boat was a long way from the shore.
It was going against the wind and was being tossed around by the waves. A little while before morning,
Jesus came walking on the water toward his disciples. When they saw him, they thought he was a ghost.

They were terrified and started screaming.
At once Jesus said to them, “Don’t worry!
I am Jesus. Don’t be afraid.”
Peter replied, “Lord, if it is really you,
tell me to come to you on the water.”
“Come on!” Jesus said.
Peter then got out of the boat
and started walking on the water toward him.
But when Peter saw how strong the wind was,
he was afraid and started sinking.
“Lord, save me!” he shouted.
Right away Jesus reached out his hand.
He helped Peter up and said,
“You surely don’t have much faith.
Why do you doubt?”
When Jesus and Peter got into the boat, the wind died down.
The men in the boat worshipped Jesus and said,
“You really are the Son of God!”
The gospel of the Lord.