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Our church is regarded as an integral part of our community. We are consistently implementing new and innovative way of entertaining and shaping the lives of people who come through our doors. Consequently, we have worked with professional members of our communities in order to develop different ministries, so we could allow people to be active in each other’s lives including the Poor, the Newcomers, the Children, the Seniors and every grouping that is part of our community.

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Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a Catholic community, a small portion of God’s people in the Diocese of Palm Beach. Though the community is exclusively Haitians, we come from different parts of Haiti with different social, spiritual and intellectual backgrounds. Strengthen by the Sacraments in teachings of the Church; we become one people in faith and love.

Our Mission

ornament1We, the members of the Catholic community of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mission are called to share our faith tradition and to carry out Christ’s Mission in living and spreading the Gospel. Every group and every member will work in union with the priest (s) to build a community of faith and love. Every Catholic of good will is invited to join us to become one body so we could witness Christ in the City where we live and Cities in the Surrounding area.

Our History

ornament1In the late 1970s many Haitians have migrated into the Palm Beach County area specifically in the south of the County. According to the community leaders’ own non-scientific census, around 7000 Haitian natives lived in the city of Delray Beach in the late 1980s and thousands more were scattered all around the County without a Church or priest to call their own.

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